About Us

Based in the Central North Island of New Zealand in the geothermal city of Rotorua. We are a web development agency creating web sites/applications for the global market.


CNI Media was established in 2009 focused primarily on the ecommerce platform Magento. We built out our service offering into a fully fledged web design/development agency.

After 10 years of servicing global clients we have shifted our focus to our VIA suite content creation platform

Via Suite

The VIA suite allows users to create their own content without the need to use professional designers.

Although this does cut out the middleman (us) it allows us to provide a win/win solution where clients get to quickly create professional content while saving thousands of dollars and we get to focus on innovating our product offerings to reach a far greater audience.

If you have a project you would like us to quote on, fill out the request a quote form or contact us for more information.